Gardener’s Cottage Cafe: Friends meet-up

The next coffee time meet-up at the Gardener’s Cottage Cafe is Tuesday 20th July at 11 am. The latest newsletter is out and if you are a member you should have received your copy, either by post or email. Please come and say hello! We run these every month on the 3rd Tuesday, so the next date will be August 17th.

Perfect weather for an ice cream!

New Members

Welcome to our new members and followers who joined yesterday as a result of the “Special SundayMusic At The Mansion which was thoroughly enjoyed by so many people. There will be a more detailed write-up of yesterday in the next Friends’ newsletter.

Visitors and park goers enjoyed a great jazz quintet featuring the talented Josh Kemp on the saxophone, Jason Rose tinkling the ivories of the beautiful grand piano in the Drawing Room, The Valentine Singers’ mainly very gentle and sometimes humorous choral singing which resonated beautifully within the canopy of the Porte Cochere and last but not least, we were treated to two sessions from Joanna Zenghui Qiu and other accompanying Chinese and Beijing Opera performers where we heard an amazing variety of melodic sounds on a range of instruments.

A really magical performance by the
Valentine Singers under the Porte Cochere

In the meantime, do get in touch if you have suggestions for what you would like to see on Open Days which are every Sunday and Monday 10.30am – 4pm. The events committee is planning “Special Sundays” and “Memorable Mondays” on the days the mansion can be visited free of charge.

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