You can visit The Gallery in the Mansion on Open Days . Information on exhibitions by the Mansion Artists and others with links to Valentines here.

Here is “Our Gallery” to give you a taste of what can be found if you visit the Mansion and its beautiful gardens.

LATE APRIL COLOUR Diana Smith 30 April 2020

AUTUMN COLOURS Today, in spite of early rain, was perfect for a walk round the Mansion Gardens and a quick lunch at the Gardener’s Cottage Cafe. It was mild enough to sit outside. There is always something new to see and the gardeners were busy planting new trees. Diana Smith 1 Nov 2019

A STROLL IN THE PARK Entering by the gates at the junction of Emerson Road and Bethell Avenue, turn left for a stroll around the Park.

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RESTORATION  During the restoration process in 2007 and 2008 the Friends’ committee was privileged to be able to visit the Mansion to see the progress of the work. The photographs in the gallery were taken by committee member Madeline Seviour.

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