“Special Sunday”: Music At The Mansion

Sunday 18th July, 11.00 am – 3.00 pm. A free event, featuring a variety of music performed in and around the Mansion, from choral music to jazz, Chinese music and film classics on the piano.

11.00 am and 12.45 pm Joanna Zenghui Qiu will perform traditional Chinese music and Beijing Opera pieces, on a variety of instruments, including jinghu (bamboo fiddle), erhu (two-string fiddle), guzheng (zither), hulusi (gourd pipe) and yueqin (moon lute).

Joanna Zenghui Qiu is a versatile Chinese musician, with over 30 years’ experience, including Beijing Opera, Chinese classical and folk music. A graduate of the China National Opera College, she performed in the National Beijing Opera Company for ten years.

There will be some seating but if the weather permits, bring your own folding chair or picnic blanket. First around the south lawn area and from 2.30 in the afternoon on the circular lawn. Come and meet “The Friends” at our stall under the Porte Cochère.

12.00 am & 1.15 pm Lunchtime Jazz. Bring a picnic, weather permitting.

2.00 pm Jason Rose plays film music on the piano

2.30 pm Choral music from the Valentine Singers, conductor Christine Gwynn, under the Porte Cochère.

This will still leave time for a visit to the Gardener’s Cottage Cafe, or a look round the mansion which will close at 4 pm.

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