The Mansion’s Owners 1696- 1906

Valentines Mansion, which is Grade ll* listed, was built in 1696/97. Until 1912 the Mansion and its park were privately owned – the home of wealthy middle class families and their servants.  Local historian Georgina Green has undertaken extensive research into the families who had lived at Valentines between 1696 and 1906. She is the author of the biography Sir Charles Raymond of Valentines and the East India CompanyGeorgina Green and members of the Friends gave – and continue to give – talks to various organisations, both locally and further afield on request.

Click on image to find out more about the families who owned Valentines from the first owner Mrs. Elizabeth Tillotson through to Mrs Sarah Ingleby, the last owner to live there.

The Tillotsons 1696 – 1702
The Finch Family
1702 – 1724

Robert Surman
1724 – 1754
Sir Charles Raymond
1754 – 1788
Donald Cameron
1788- 1797
 Robert Wilks
1797 – 1808
Charles Welstead
1808 – 1838
Charles Holcombe
1838 – 1870
Sarah & Clement Ingleby
1860 – 1906

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