The Last of the Winter Snow?

Ice, snow and snowdrops are beginning to make way for more vibrant Spring colours and the promise of warmer weather. We know we have to wait patiently at least until April for the house to re-open, so in the meantime we can continue to enjoy the Historic Park and Gardens. But have we seen the end of the freeze?

Did you know though that not all snowdrops are white? They can be pale pink, blue, lavender, or white! Snowdrops are classified as Galanthus nivalis: gala is Greek for “milk,” while anthos is Greek for “flower” and nivalis is Latin for “snow-like.”

Snowdrops in the dell, near the park entrance where The Drive meets Cranbrook Road. This area is also known as The Wash.

Snowdrops are toxic to humans so, much as we enjoy their beauty, they make a suitable metaphor perhaps for us all looking forward to them fading, warmer weather arriving and life hopefully returning to more normal patterns for everyone.

Stay safe! Enjoy the Park and Gardens! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our next members’ event, “From Tiny Acorns” will be held on 18th March 2021 on Zoom.

18th March was the birthday of the last owner of Valentines Mansion, Holcombe Ingleby. After his mother died in 1906, no-one in the Ingleby family wanted to return to live at Valentines and the house and estate was up for sale.

In 1912, the people of Ilford were invited to support the Council with a forward-thinking scheme which enabled an additional 20 acres of the Valentines estate to be bought to create the Valentines Park we know and love today, following the death of the mansion’s last resident, Sarah Ingleby. The Ilford Garden Suburb was created to help finance the purchase. This area is now known as the Garden City Redbridge and they have a newly formed Residents’ Association.

You can find out more about the Garden City Redbridge Residents Association here or on Twitter @GardenRedbridge

Early 20th century Valentines.

Join our Zoom call at 7.30 pm on 18th March to discover details of how this came about over 100 years ago, as well as hear from some of the people who today are entrusted with and involved in preserving and improving neighbourhoods throughout Redbridge for present and future generations.

At a time when parks and green spaces have a newfound importance, vital for exercise, relaxation and reflection, we know they are a powerful part of our recovery from the current crisis.

Featured during the 18th March event are extracts from a fascinating booklet written by a local doctor in 1911 from The Friends’ archive, called “The Future of Valentines Park”. It explains the creation of the Garden City Redbridge and how the building of these houses enabled Ilford Town Council to buy the land to enlarge and create the Valentines Park we know now.

Please join us! We all need friends!

If you would like to join The Friends, details are on the Support Us tab.

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  1. Many thanks for the newsletter…such gorgeous photos and interesting facts. Looking forward to the zoom on the 18th March.

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