The Friends’ Logo

The design was inspired by the vine that was planted in the 1750s in the walled garden in the time of Charles Raymond.

Of course if you’ve read through our website, you will know the answers to most of these questions. Feel free to email us your answers for a chance to win a prize. Winners will be announced on 26th February at our 20th anniversary event!

1. Who designed the Friends’ logo?

2. How many years ago?

3. What was the name of Charles Raymond’s gardener who planted and tended the vine?

4. What year was it planted?

5. How did the vine survive so well in the English climate and produce such an abundance of grapes?

6. Who may have come to Valentine House in 1768 to take a cutting of the vine for Hampton Court Palace?

7. Who lived at Hampton Court at the time?

8. What variety of grape does the vine bear?

9. What happened to the original Valentines vine?

10. Who designed a special ceramic pot for the cutting of the vine in 2019?

Why not visit us and see the vine now in the walled garden?

Do you know what other fruit are grown in the walled gardens?

View from the Gardener’s Cottage Cafe

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