Development of Valentines Estate into Park




This map - based on an estate map - shows the extent of the Valentines Estate (the maroon line) and the outline of the present park boundary (orange line). The other notable features are the fields attached to the estate, all the extra buildings associated with the Mansion, the layout of the gardens to the east of the Mansion, and the change in the shape of The Lake
Also, sometime between 1777 and 1854 the main drive to the Mansion was moved to opposite Beehive Lane.







Central Park was open in 1899 and for the next 25 years the park grew until it reached its present size. The following maps show how the park developed, although this obviously took place at the same time as Ilford was growing.








Sarah Ingleby died in 1906 and her son donated the American Gardens (east of Valentines Mansion) to the council as a memorial to his mother. The council also bought a large tract of land to link the existing park to the donated land.









In 1912 the council acquired Valentines House and the gardens surrounding it. The land between this area and Cranbrook Road was used for housing by The East London Garden Suburbs and Town Planning Association.





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