About the Friends

Many individuals, groups and organisations have been and are still involved with Valentines Mansion and Valentines Park.

There are three locally-based groups who are, or have been, associated with Valentines Mansion and Park. They are:

  • The Friends of Valentines Mansion - The Friends support and assist in the preservation and improvement of the Mansion and the surrounding parkland.
  • Valentines Mansion Trust.
  • Valentines Park Conservationists - The Valentines Park Conservationists worked with the Friends and the London Borough of Redbridge on the park's restoration and wound-up in September 2009 when this work was finished. Recognising the need for a group to work with the council on the park's development and maintenance, the Friends established a Parks sub-group in October 2009.

Contact details for the Friends and the Mansion Trust are available on the Contacts page.

Other organisations with connections to Valentines include:

In addition, we would like to thank the following people and organisations for their help in building this website: